Flirty Old Folks

We had a coupon for a free hamburger today…buy a combo, get the freebie. Anyway, Ricky and I went and, yeah, I ate cow. I don’t think I should have, I really don’t want to eat too much meat…but I was hungry, but that’s not the point.

I noticed an elderly man working at this place. Then I noticed a group of elderly ladies. I started thinking about how when these folks were young, I bet the young gals went to the hamburger joint to flirt with the cute guys who worked there.

Then I wondered if they would flirt with the old fellow. I figured they wouldn’t though. If they are single, they are probably content with things as they are. They like eating when they are hungry, and watching what they want to watch on TV, and they don’t want to wash some ol’ man’s  socks and underwear.

Then I wondered if HE would flirt with them. I think he tried. He was servicing the straws and napkins and they were right by him. He kept looking over their way, but I don’t think they knew he was alive.

So, when you go to the fast food place – if you dare eat that stuff – notice whether or not the ol’ men working there try to flirt with the little ol’ ladies.

Oh. I noticed after I had eaten my hamburger that they have a Veggie Burger on the menu. I’ll prob’ly get mad cow disease…