Conversation on Various Political Issues

My son, Jason, and I were talking last night about presidential candidates, immigration, health care and the so-called “War on Terror”.

We talked about how no one really leaves the US to go to another country for health care but they sure do come here. If you’ve ever walked down the halls of MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, you know it sounds like the United Nations. So many different languages are heard in the hallways and they aren’t all Houston residents. And the countries that have health care doled out by the government really do ration it. I know this from a Canadian friend who has had the experience herself. There is no money tree to make all this free. What government program have you ever heard of that is efficient and keeps to it’s budget? We think Hillary sounds like she’s taking notes from Karl Marx.

Neither of us wants a fence between the US and any other country. The only countries who have had such a thing were totalitarian/communist governments. We discussed that if Mexico could solve their problems with their own economy and jobs, people wouldn’t be streaming into this country from down south. Folks aren’t trying to leave Canada in droves to come here because their economy is healthy enough to support them. This makes me wonder how much of Mexico’s economy is controlled by socialist policies? I wonder if they have the kind of “rules” that Hillary thinks our economy needs to make things “fair”?

Then we mentioned that most of the folks we have known from Canada who came here to live were nurses and doctors who could no longer tolerate working in the government run health care system. I wonder if we would fence our doctors and nurses in if we had government health care and they didn’t want to work for the government?