Should Travel to Foreign Countries Be Restricted?

“A non-interventionist foreign policy is not an isolationist foreign policy. It is quite the opposite. Under a Paul administration, the United States would trade freely with any nation that seeks to engage with us. American citizens would be encouraged to visit other countries and interact with other peoples rather than be told by their own government that certain countries are off limits to them.”

The above is a quote from Ron Paul on his website at

Have you thought about what would happen if American citizens were told we could travel freely to any country in the world? It is only in the past year or so that I have considered this idea.

Of course, some places are really dangerous but we could check that out for ourselves before we travel. If the State Department would feel better about keeping their list of dangerous countries, let them, but let adults make up their own mind about where they want to go.

So, what would be the result of Americans going wherever they wanted to go? How could a country that is trying to control its own citizens handle keeping the tourists in line? I remember the Cold War…a few folks from the US went to Russia. They were told where they could go and they were followed. What if a LOT of people at once went to a country that wanted to control tourists? Would they limit the number of tourists? What if dictatorships began to tell us to stay away? Wouldn’t that make it clear to anyone who thinks a totalitarian government is a good thing that it’s not at all? If the people who live in a country without freedom keep seeing a lot of those who have it, wouldn’t they want to do what they could to have this for themselves?

Just something I wonder about sometimes. You know, if what you are doing isn’t working but you continue to do the same…you’re a slow learner!