Well, it’s not what it used to be with Mortimer and me. I’m speaking of Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Editorial-in-Chief of US News and World Report magazine. I used to read and agree with almost everything he said. Not anymore. Today I was reading his column in a back issue – Sept. 10, 2007 – and thought since it wasn’t about Iraq and it wasn’t about Homeland Security and issues of our personal freedom, this would be a pleasant read. We would once again have harmony. It was not to be.

He was writing about oil. He lays out our precarious situation with the oil producing countries and the control they have over us. He even said oil could go over $100 a barrel and cause a world-wide recession. (I think Fred Thompson needs to read that part! He looks at our economy as if it stands alone, according to his discussion in the debate yesterday.) Up to that point, Mortimer and I were thinking alike and I was enjoying it so much.

Then he used the words, and these are his VERY words – “Keeping oil safe for the West.” I was probably one of the last people on the planet (whose mind could be changed!) to believe we actually would fight a war for oil. It’s one thing to believe we’re doing that very thing and not liking it, but to believe we would do it and, should do it, is something else!! He says we have to have ships and troops and alliances to protect supply routes.

He goes on to say we should raise taxes on the oil companies in order to curb demand. So, he DOES know that would raise prices on everything, including FOOD? Higher gas taxes would put a terrible crunch on the disappearing middle income class who are re-appearing in the lower income class. Does he want to cause a recession?

It gets even worse. He believes the Federal Government should “devise a way of meeting environmental concerns while seeking reliable domestic production of energy at home.” Why does the government have to do this? Don’t they make things worse the more they try to ‘help’? Couldn’t the companies and consumers work this out? I, for one, would keep an eye on these companies and hold their feet to the fire so they are careful how they do things. “We the people” can make them be environmentally responsible.

Well, bless his heart, Mortimer realizes we are ‘over a barrel’. I just don’t agree with him on the solutions.