The Work We Do

A couple days ago I had a conversation with a friend who had a stroke a few years ago and had to quit her job. She also had cancer surgery last year and her health is just generally not that great. This lady loves to work in her flower beds and said she enjoys cleaning her house. She does all sorts of crafts involving paint, silk flowers, ink and rubber stamps. The word “purpose” kept coming up. She seemed to be trying to accept where God has her and knowing there is a purpose to her life. She said she believes God has a reason for everything.

She’s not doing anything that would make the news or earn any awards and she seemed to be struggling with really getting what she believes to ‘sink in’. You know how that is. You know something but it doesn’t seem like you really ‘own’ the knowledge. It hasn’t gotten into your bones yet.

While listening to her, I thought of God and Adam and Eve and the garden He wanted them to tend. (That’s in Genesis 2:15.) I told her she is creating order and beauty and that is what Adam and Eve were doing when they tended the garden. It was the work that God gave them to do. And she is doing the same in her home and yard. It’s the place where God put her to tend; to create order and beauty.

Yesterday in church it all hit me again for my own ‘garden’. All those things we do each day that seem so mundane…laundry, dishes, wash the car, pick up your stuff and put it away, trim the bushes, pull the weeds…and on and on it goes, right? When we do these things we are doing the job God gave to man way back in the first garden. We are creating order and beauty. Just think of the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that we feel when things are in order. Then when we include art and music it gets even better. I just kind’a got all jazzed and ready to tackle this little ‘garden’ of my own. I hope this inspires you, too.