Should Christians Support Ron Paul?

Yes, but only individually. Not as a group. I actually think everyone should support Ron Paul. The way I look at it, he happens to be a Christian. I support him because he votes in ways that uphold the Constitution. Consistently. For 20 years. His religious beliefs don’t have anything to do his ability to understand and stay in line with the Constitution. I’d rather my brain surgeon be at the top of his class and who cares what religion, rather than a Christian who was a strong ‘C’ student who will be praying as he saws his way into my head. Wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I’ve read some discussion lately where folks were suggesting that those of us who support Ron Paul should write letters to “evangelical leaders” telling them why they ought to endorse him. It seems that a lot of people don’t realize he is pro life. The theory is that these “leaders” – and I can only remember the name of one of them – and I am a Christian – have such influence over us Christians that it will shift massive numbers of us over to the Ron Paul camp.

Personally, after thinking about this a bit, I’ve decided I hope these “leaders” – and I can only remember the name of one of them – don’t start trying to tell me who to vote for at all. I won’t listen to them anyway.

And, another thing. I don’t want to see GROUPS of people lining up expecting to get some kind of special treatment from Ron Paul. They won’t get it. He is not for GROUP rights, but for INDIVIDUAL rights. In that way, he has a unifying effect on people. He doesn’t see us as some-certain-race-Americans, or some-certain-religion-Americans, or some-certain-sexual preference-Americans. He sees us and treats us all as individual Americans. If we see ourselves that way we will lose all this ridiculous mess of Political Correctness and herding of groups by their leaders.

Let’s get back to the idea that we are all Americans with equal INDIVIDUAL rights under the Constitution. And let’s all, individuals together, support Ron Paul.