The “List”

This is unreal. Well, I wish. According to there are almost 755,000 names on the government’s terrorist list. This is a list of names of people who shouldn’t be crossing our borders either by air, land or sea. Do you really think, even with differences in spellings that could put a person on more than once, that there are anywhere NEAR that many terrorists??? It depends on the definition. It has been expanded to include animal rights activists. I wonder who else? Expanding the definition is part of the expansion of
government control on the way to a closed society, by the way. They start with people most people don’t identify with and keep adding folks.

The so-called experts say the list is so long and cumbersome it’s almost impossible to use it. They also said, “Homeland Security has not done enough to use the list more broadly in the private sector, where workers applying for jobs in sensitive places such as chemical factories could do harm.” Really???

Since there aren’t that many terrorists, even when you count animal rights activists, why are so many people on this list? I don’t think it’s always by ‘mistake’ that they are added. Naomi Wolf isn’t a terrorist and if you saw the video I mentioned in a previous blog – or read her book, “The End of America” – you know some people are on the list who don’t know how or why they are on it. A man in Denver told Ms.Wolf that he, a retired military man, is on the list and so is his teenage son! And I guess if you fit their unknown criteria, you will have trouble finding a job at certain places.

I guess about the only good thing is that it is so cumbersome it’s just about useless. What on earth is the criteria for making this list? If you are tazed during a political speech for asking a question, would you make the list? If you don’t want the US to torture people and have secret prisons (black sites) do you get to be on it? If you think it’s a joke do they add your name? This is NOT the country that I was born in half a century ago.

Seriously, I think they need to know who should not be coming into this country but this is so stupid. Like my husband just said, “They may just snatch you up one day, huh?” I guess that is why it is so long? To intimidate us? Sorry to be so rambly…it’s hard to put all this together. I’ve been thinking for days about “The End of America” and Naomi Wolf’s speech and will be writing more later. And I hope I’m not so rambly next time.