Sanctions on Iran

So today we put sanctions on Iran. Their military and three banks and quite a few big businesses are all tangled up. What I mean is that the military runs the banks and owns the businesses. So, now Washington says no one in this country can do business with any business in Iran. It’s almost impossible to know if they are connected to the Revolutionary Guard. So, they are all off limits.

And Washington wants to make life difficult – and how they plan to do that, I don’t know – for any other country who does business with Iran or allows their citizens to do so. Well, let’s just bully the world. Nothing like making Russia mad. And China. And Venezuela.

They also want to add all 125,000 members of the Revolutionary Guard to the terrorist list. You know, the one that includes animal rights activists.

AND today there was a request for more money for military purposes to include bunker-busting bombs. And they tell us they are not preparing for war. Where are our journalists who are supposed to dig into this stuff and get the truth? Bush did say if we bomb Iran, it will be WWIII. It sure will. Does he think that no one wants that? Does he think all these countries who sell arms and uranium and oil to each other and hate us wouldn’t be glad for the opportunity? Is he paying attention to our dollar? Does he understand that China is only capitalist as long as they need to be? Does he understand their dialectical philosophy and their view of the evolution of society? Does he realize they will dump our bonds if it suits their purpose? We are borrowing 2 or 3 billion a day, mostly from China, to be in Iraq. Does Bush think China will loan us money to fight Iran? Is he aware that China controls the Panama Canal? There are more ways than bombs and bullets to fight and we could be hit so many ways, it makes my head spin.