My Only Comfort

Yesterday after I wrote that I felt a bit overwhelmed after listening to Naomi Wolf and running across other upsetting news items, I started working on cleaning up my house. My brain needed a break from thinking about how we are losing our freedoms and I had plenty of potential for creating order and beauty. Meaning, my house was a wreck!

As I was washing dishes a chorus started going through my head, “It is well with my soul.” And I thought about how no matter what happens on the outside, I can be OK on the inside.

When I was sorting through stuff that didn’t belong on a bookcase, I found a bulletin from church with a quote on the front by C. H. Spurgeon. Here’s part of it: “No man is really a Christian who finds his hope and confidence within himself; he must be looking away from himself to God in Christ Jesus……..What a sweet thing is the calm leisure of faith! Fret and worry, hurry and haste, are all slain by the hand of faith. That is the description of what a Christian ought to be, “waiting upon the Lord:” depending upon God, expecting from God, and patiently waiting for God, till He shall give the desired blessing.” Hmm. So, what is the blessing that I desire? Most of all, that I see His face and hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Does all this mean I’m OK with our country apparently moving in the direction of a dictatorship? No way!!! It still breaks my heart to think it could happen. So, what do I do with a broken heart? This morning, in the 3rd verse of “Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners!” we sang, “Jesus! what a help in sorrow! While the billows o’er me roll, even when my heart is breaking, He, my comfort, helps my soul.”

Then another good quote, this one by A. W. Pink, on the front of our bulletin about how God is a solid rock that we can stand on when everything is being swept away around us. And there was the scripture from Isaiah 54:10. “For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed, saith the LORD that hath mercy on thee.”

I asked one of our pastors what the mountains and hills represent and he said it was the worst thing a person could conceive of happening. And “LORD” is in caps by the way, because it means the God who makes covenant with His people.

I intend to continue reading and watching news and writing about what is going on, upsetting as it is. But I pray that I won’t lose my focus on the Rock, the ONE thing I can count on, which is God’s unchangeable character and love for me.


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