President Reagan is on His Way to Our House!

I dreamed that I bought a house that was bigger than any house I would really want. The yard was huge and I like that! I have a son who is one of those very social people who knows someone everywhere he goes. In this dream he had a conversation with Ronald Reagan and invited him over to eat. My son was going to grill steaks. I was thinking, “Oh, my, look at this place and President Reagan is coming here!” We had just moved in and everything was quite a mess. I asked my husband if he would neaten up the pile of limbs and wood that were out by the street for the city to pick up. That stuff had been there for two years – ever since a big hurricane – and hadn’t been picked up yet! He said he would after he finished what he was already doing to make the place look a bit better.

Then it occurred to me that my parents were living down the street and I should have let them know President Reagan was coming so they could come see him if they wanted. So I told them he was coming and they could come down and meet him and they said they couldn’t because they were on their way to see the queen. They were going to Mississippi to some church thing that had something to do with a friend of theirs but they weren’t really meeting a queen. They just said that because of what kind of church it was. But I don’t have any idea what it was.

My son and President Reagan had not set a time for him to be at our house so I felt like I better hurry up and get a shower taken so I would be ready whenever he showed up. The shower was one of thsoe huge walk-in outfits that my husband told me once he would  like to have but I told him that is more shower than I would ever want to clean. As I was getting my clothes together I heard President Reagan on the radio doing an interview. I figured I’d be ready when he got to our house when I heard him.

There was another problem though. My son had not asked how many people would be coming with the President and we only had steaks for us and him and not his whole entourage.