Why Not Trade with Cuba?

Castro stepped down yesterday. His brother is taking his place so probably not much will change and that’s not good for the people of Cuba. There is a way to bring change to Cuba. What about the embargo we’ve had for all these years? What was the purpose? Did it work?

It was supposed to cause Cuba to give up communism. Did they? No. So, what if we lifted it? Cuban cigars would be legal here and our rice farmers could sell their product in Cuba. I’m sure lots of US businesses would line up to do business in Cuba.

Tourism would open up. Well, at least we could go there, even if Cubans weren’t allowed to come here. That would give people who are sheltered from interaction with the rest of the world a chance to rub shoulders with some who have more freedom. Tourism would also help some of these individuals have a better income.

China is communist but we do business with them even though they throw their military weight around a bit. Cuba hasn’t had an ounce of their own military weight to threaten anyone with. Especially since the Soviet Union came all apart. The Soviet Union was behind the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cuba couldn’t do squat on their own. They tell us a taste of capitalism will cause the Chinese government to lose control of the people and they could move toward democracy. If you believe that, why not trade with Cuba?