I Want My Nine-Year Old Body Back

I want my nine-year old body back. My nine-year old body woke up every day with lots of energy. It could run faster than all my friends, jump really high and could climb anything. When I leaned forward for more than 10 seconds, my face didn’t feel like it was hanging loosely from my bones. Everything was in the same place everyday when I got out of bed, too.

My nine-year old body didn’t suffer from hormone tsunamis and it contained a brain that didn’t have senior moments that last a week.

It is my understanding–because I read this in a health magazine so it has to true, huh?–that before too much longer, I’ll have that body back. I will have a consistent energy level and clarity of thought. The inconsistency of those two things–energy and brain power–bother me much more than the new locations of various features and the loose face.

When I have mentioned this expectation to some of my friends who are older than I, they look at me like I’ve been lied to but they don’t want to be the one to tell me.