Has Joel Osteen’s Message Exhausted You?

Are you tired of trying to live “Your Best Life Now” and all that? Are those Seven Steps elusive to you? Have you gazed at your navel until your eyes are crossed trying to find a champion in there?

I know this kind of stuff is exhausting because I was there a few years back when it was Kenneth Copeland and Oral Roberts. Well, that was more than a few years, but I’ve been there and I did feel like my eyes were crossed from the naval gazing and I was exhausted from trying to please God. These guys teach law but call it grace. Joel Osteen is pretty slick.

I listened to a broadcast of White Horse Inn today that analyzed Joel Osteen’s uh, message, I think is what he calls it. White Horse Inn is a discussion program with Michael Horton, Kim Riddlebarger, Ken Jones and Rod Rosenbladt. You can go online and listen any time at www.whitehorseinn.org. This particular program is in the archives. The name of the broadcast is “Joel Osteen: A Case Study in American Religion,” dated January 20, 2008.

There is a better way to live life. It won’t be about you and if you are sick of ‘you’ this may be what you are ready to hear.