Did You Notice?

I heard the IRS was sending out notices to let us know we were supposed to be getting a payment that is part of what they are calling an “Economic Stimulus”. I didn’t know we would get a notice telling us that we would get notice telling us that we would get a check. Did you get yours today? I did.

This one basically tells who will receive a payment and who won’t. If a person isn’t getting a payment, why do they need a notice? It also says if a person is getting a payment they will receive a notice. How much does all noticing cost, I wonder? And how come I am supposed to keep this thing? It says in red “Do Not Throw Away!” Is someone going to ask for this in a year or two? Will I be fined if I am asked and I tell them I tossed the stupid thing? And did you know the IRS will spend the next three years checking to see if everyone who got the check was eligible to get it? What will that cost? Will the check be worth the paper it’s printed on by the time it gets here or will we be burning the stupid things in the streets?

Another question: Why on earth does anyone think something like the world economy can be controlled? They can’t even control the US economy. Of course none exists in a vacuum so we are taking the whole dead gum world down with us.

One more thing. Last week Bush said our economy is on a solid foundation. I think we may actually feel that foundation under our feet as we sink down to it. And I suspect it may be solid elephant dung.