Email to Kit

Hi Kit,

I sure do miss you. It’s weird not writing to you almost every day to tell you what is going on and see how things are with you and yours. A few months ago when you told me you didn’t feel good and you didn’t know why, I had a scary thought. I thought, “Here I have this great close friend that I can talk to about all kinds of stuff and we pray for each other and share our bird stories and now she’s probably got cancer and I’m going to lose her.” Well, I shook that off but it seems I was right. I guess you have already talked to God about us living next door to each other in eternity? You’ve been there since last week and who knows when I’ll show up? God has our days numbered and only He knows. As I remember, whoever got there first was going to do that and you beat me there.

There are two things I’ve got to catch you up on. Today Carly showed me pictures of her in her wedding dress! I know you were glad to get my letter in the mail a few weeks ago telling you they are getting married. You kept telling me things are never perfectly in place and when two people are right for each other they need to get married and I agreed. But like we said, school needed to be finished first and then it would be much better. Anyway….her dress is beautiful. AND she is gorgeous in it. I asked her what she is going to do when Joshua sees her walking toward him at the wedding and sees how beautiful she is and he faints. The man is going to fall like a tree. I would describe it to you, but Joshua might see this so I won’t. Maybe I’ll tell you when I see you.

The other thing is….have you seen my cat? There are horses in Heaven. I know that from Revelation but where is my cat? Remember Reese? She was the little bitty one I had. Reese had a face that was partly orange marmalade and partly black velvet and she looked like she had stuck her nose in the honey jar. Joshua laughs to hear me say that because when she first came around I was calling her Barbara. You know how it’s hard to tell if Barbara Streisand is really beautiful or really not? That’s what I thought of Reese. LOL We never told her that. But Joshua said I couldn’t call her Barbara. So, I said what about BS for short? He looked at her and said she was all the colors of a bag of Reese’s pieces so he named her.

Well you know she had leukemia. We had to have her put to sleep today. Being so close to the time I lost you this is hard. I feel plumb raw. Anyway, she got a fungus that she just couldn’t kick with the leukemia. She tried for a long time but we and the vet all thought it was time to let her go.

No more buffets at my door. Did I ever tell you about the day I opened the front door and she had a variety of birds and lizards and all sorts of things deposited for us to share? I told her she could eat all of it. And do you remember her hissing at and scratching my cousin’s huge 1/2 Greyhound and 1/2 Pitbull on his nose, sending him home yelling, when all he wanted to do was play? She was a mess. Remember that night a few years ago when the two pits charged at the cops and while the cop was shooting at one of the dogs and missing she was watching the whole thing from the top of a utility pole? That was the first night she came into our house. And she spent every night since in our house till tonight.

We buried her down the hill in the woods. We thought it was a good spot. She’s there with Socrates, MiLady and Sheba. And as Jacob was digging the grave and Ricky was bringing rocks from our rock pile to put on top of the grave, I was holding her and listening to the birds and the frogs. I think she will like it there surrounded by all the things she liked. The vet wrapped her in what he calls a shroud and I over-wrapped her with a flannel nightgown. It was the softest thing she had to sleep on when we had to put her out of our bed. And since she was in her late 40s in human years, I guess a nice flannel gown is fitting.

Well, I don’t know. One thing I’m sure of. I will see you again and eternity will be wonderful. I can’t imagine the peace and happiness you must be feeling. And to be in the unfiltered glorious presence of God. Wow. Sometimes I can imagine you telling me not to be overly concerned about things. That God really and truely does have all things in control and He really and truely does have a fine purpose and I’ll understand one day. This life, even when lived for a long time on earth, is just a vapor. I’ll see you soon – and it will be soon even if I live to be 100. Right?

love and blessings and hugs…..diane

Thinking About the Neighbor

I had great consideration for my neighbor the other day. I was working in the garden and I wasn’t paying attention and I stepped in an ant bed. These ants didn’t just dive in when they hit the top of my sock. It was a stealth attack; the first one didn’t bite till it got all the way up to my elbow.

I knew I had to do the Ant Dance and quick! If you have ever lived in the South, you know the Ant Dance. If you haven’t, it’s done wherever the ants are–outside, but hopefully in a private place–and the pants come off and there is lots of jumping around and swatting at the body to remove the ants. It looks like the behavior of a person who is coming quite unglued.

I’m not too worried about how I look but I had to think of my neighbor. He’s a nice guy and I’m glad to have him for a neighbor. I didn’t want to traumatize him if he stepped out his back door and saw a 51 year old lady in her underwear and her socks with strawberries on them acting like a mad woman. That could have damaged his psyche and surely would have wrecked his eyesight for life. I wish he could have seen how fast an old lady can run into her house though.

So, ___ , you never know what awful experiences you have been spared.

Well, to Each Her Own, I Guess

I just watched 15 minutes of Dr. Phil and I can’t believe I made it through that much of the program. It was about “cougars” – women in their 40’s and 50’s who date men who are much younger.

The men say they like the older women because they know what they want out of life and in bed. The women say they date younger men because they are more flexible and fun and don’t need Viagra. Of course, the women are all very wealthy. And they all think they are sooo sophisticated.

One lady said on her 50th birthday she had a cake that had on it “50 is the new 30”. On my 50th birthday I turned a cartwheel (I have witnesses!) just to see if I still could. Those folks on Dr. Phil had nothing to say to me today.  I just couldn’t relate.