Was America Ever a Christian Nation?

“American Deism
8/24/2008 – Sunday
Many argue that America has always been a Christian nation and that the founding fathers of our nation were Bible-believing Christians. But is this really the case? On this edition of the program the hosts explore the subject of Deism, particularly in the writings of America’s founding fathers, but also in the life and practice of contemporary American Christianity.”

The above quote was taken from http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/The_White_Horse_Inn/archives.asp?bcd=8/24/2008

I just listened to this…it was about 35 minutes or so of discussion…very interesting…don’t let people mess with our history; let’s be real. When we understand how things really were we can better understand what is going on now.

I Felt Like Sarah Who Laughed

We are getting an empty bedroom at our house due to getting a new daughter in law. My husband wanted to put books, (got plenty of those!), and a stereo (no stereo), and a laptop (didn’t have one of those either) in the room. I thought, yeah, right. Like we have a money tree or something.

I was cleaning out some stuff and I found this electronic thing. I asked my husband what it was and he said it was a ???? (something that makes his CD player work), but he didn’t know where the CD player was and he needed speakers. I told him there were some speakers in the closet and one of our sons said the CD player was in his room. He hooked it all up and now he has what he wanted for music.

So, sometimes we have more than we think we have? But still no laptop. And I didn’t expect one to show up either.

The other evening I wanted to change a password and AT&T wanted to do something else and we didn’t understand what on earth was going on and it caused an avalanche of disasters and we had to just wipe the whole computer and start over. I got on a borrowed computer and let folks know what was going on. Our pastor remembered that he had a laptop that he isn’t using anymore. We saw him the other day and he asked if we wanted a computer. I told him we were back up and going with ours. Then he said it was a laptop and if we wanted it we could have it anyway. It’s only two years old and is better than the computer we already had.

So, now my husband has what he wanted for the room. Just stuff to play with but God provided right from under our noses and right out of the blue. I told my husband I felt like Sarah who laughed when she heard what impossible thing God was going to do.