Should Obama Speak Up Concerning Iran?

There are some folks who are criticizing our government, especially President Obama, for not speaking out about the protests over the election in Iran. I wish the house had not crafted their resolution condeming the Iranian government. And Obama may have said too much the other day when he said he was “concerned”. At this point, in the interest of being quiet, I’m not going to voice my opinion on the happenings either.
What I will say is this. The more we say, the more we do, pertaining to politics in the Middle East, the worse things are. You could say that is one of those unprovable statements, except for the fact that we got involved in 1953 and overthrew their elected man in Iran, and there is documented proof that is why they stormed the American Embassy in 1979 and took Americans hostage. The Iranian people have not trusted us ever since 1953. They had problems with the Brits even before that.
The whole thing was over oil. It’s an interesting read on wikipedia involving Great Britain, the US, nazis, and threats of the communist party taking over Iran – but those threats were just Cold War propaganda. Oil isn’t worth Americans dying for and it isn’t worth Iranians dying for.  You can read about it at
But, back to today. There is an accurate perception in the Middle East that we serve only our interests and not the interests of those we are ‘helping’. Since that perception has influence on peoples’ actions, the less we do or say, the better. And this approach, according to the founders of this country, is the best way to go about it concerning all other countries. Our business is ours and their business is theirs.