I Had the Big House Dream Again

There’s no need to analyze this. It’s so obvious. I’ve been dreaming it for years and this morning, I dreamed it again. It’s my Big House Dream. I live in a house, either one I don’t recognize or it’s one that I used to live in, or grandparents lived in. In the dream I find rooms that I didn’t know the house had. Sometimes just one or two rooms and sometimes an entire whole wing.

I’ve made a big change in my life lately and am going for what I always dreamed of, just in a way that adjusts for the fact that I’m married and my husband can’t go live in a bus on the road. This morning when I woke up, I was overwhelmed with the idea that this could work, and with all that I need to do. I was sleepy enough to go back to sleep after he left for work but not sleepy enough that I really needed to, but as a temporary escape, I did – and there was the dream again.

In this version, I wasn’t sure I could keep up with a bigger house. There was so much upkeep and expense. How would I keep it clean and how would I pay the higher utility bills? I was finding rooms and furniture and appliances that I didn’t know were there. My son’s bedroom was possibly bigger than either of the houses on both sides of me.

Before the dream ended, I was getting to work on cleaning the house, putting things in order, making plans.

In the bigger house of life, everything I want to do requires that I learn something. I’m working on it. One of my sons said, “New horizons.” I feel like I’m surrounded by them! It just takes courage. One day at a time. Here I go.