Of Wasps and Worms

I’ve noticed a few things this year that are out of the ordinary. Usually, we have a few wasps nests around here. Last year we had more than usual and I managed to get stung once.  This year I can count on one hand the total number of wasps I’ve seen in  my yard.

I’ve also had something different happening in the veggie garden. Usually, I’ll have stink bugs and a few tomato hornworms. This year I’ve had plenty of those. The thing that is weird is all the worms. I’ve never ever in all my years of gardening had anything eating my tomatoes. This year I’ve had at least two kinds of worms eating the tomatoes while they are still green. I’ve had to pick green ones to rescue my groceries from the worms.

I wonder if the wasps would normally take care of the worms?