The Change Our Healthcare System Needs

Our government seems to mess up everything they get their fingers into, usually by making a bubble or creating conditions that cause folks to go out of business. Housing bubble, car bubble (it will be a small one because it’s a temporary program), dairy farmers are losing money on milk because the government sets prices which is causing small ones to shut down. They can’t make it up on cheese and ice cream. Washington dictates to the insurance companies and to doctors. They tell insurance companies what they have to cover and the prices go up. The things  they don’t cover such as cosmetic surgery have not gone up as much as the rest. If a doctor takes medicare patients he HAS to charge what the government demands – no cutting prices for certain patients out of the goodness of their hearts. Yes, we need change all right. If they would just leave us ALONE we could fix this mess. That would be change we could live with!