A Bit About Birds

My husband and I enjoy watching birds that come to feeders in our yard. I noticed something about the hummingbirds. They don’t like to share their space with cardinals, doves, sparrows and everybody else who comes for seed. (We have a feeding station we built with PVC pipe that holds several feeders and even has a platform on top.) I moved the hummer feeder a few feet away and that solved the problem.

I’ve learned that a vagrant is a hummingbird that is out of it’s usual territory and it’s been happening a lot the past few years, especially on the east coast. Sure would be neat to see someone new out there!

We have lost a lot of trees in the woods behind us due to hurricanes but it’s not all bad, I guess. This year we were able to see mulberry trees that were previously hidden and in those trees there were orchard orioles. A friend who is very knowledgeable about birds told us if we put a sugar water feeder near the back of the yard we may get some of those orioles to come into the yard next year. That would be really cool!

Well, I hear a blue jay hollering right now. There are no peanuts on the platform and being the well trained human that I am, I better go put some out.