All This Happened Within 24 Hours

Ever have one of those days where all you can do is go from one crisis to another? This was thankfully interrupted by a good night’s sleep but, here’s the rundown:

Was staying at the hospital with a relative who was recovering from surgery. Phone rang and mom told me another relative was coming to the hospital by ambulance with high blood pressure, blurry vision and a nose bleed. Went down to ER and waited for the ambulance to arrive. (Someone else was in the first one’s room besides me at the time.) The one in ER was resolved so I went back up to the other one’s room where someone else was there to take over for me for the night so I went home.

Next morning, looked out my window and saw the relative who had been to the ER out on her front porch. Made plans to go down after breakfast to see how she was doing. Ate breakfast and was wetting my hair to blow dry it when I looked out the kitchen window and saw her and her mom leaving and she had her hand up to her face. Ran down the street with house shoes on, towel in hand and wet hair. Another nose bleed, going to a different ER.

About 10 minutes or so later, the phone rang and it was an aunt telling me that a cousin of my husband’s had died and that she herself had recently had major surgery and had a big decision to make regarding her health.

Three hours later, I saw the one down the street was home so I went down to see how things were going. Wasn’t out long because all of a sudden there were dark clouds and lightening so I ran back home.

A few minutes later my ride to the hospital showed up. Was dropped off and went to the relative’s room. Just after we got caught up on the family news, the TV station broke in with live coverage of tornado damage.  That’s what the lightening and dark clouds were all about. It was near where my husband works. I called him. He was OK. I tried to see my vehicle on the parking lot as the helicopter flew over showing all the damage but they flew directly over where it was parked so I couldn’t see it. I figured a few more dings and scratches wouldn’t hurt it but, I hoped all the glass was intact. Found out later it was fine.

Also, had trouble getting in touch with a son who was out and about and there were funnel clouds reported in various places. He was OK, too.

This is the kind of day I have in mind when I write in my Gratitude Journal at night, “I’m thankful for a quiet, uneventful day.”