Moral Evolution?

I read something that I thought was kinda’ odd. It makes sense in an Ivory Tower kind of way but I just don’t see this when I look at history or society or anything else.

This fellow who studies ants said there is a theory within evolution that says morality or values has a genetic component. At first, I was right there with him.  We can all look at families and see this; one person is generous like another or one has a temper like another. She’s just like her mom or, he’s just like his grandpa. We say they are cut from the same cloth and so there’s no surprise.

But this theory says that those who are more “upstanding” are better organized socially and therefore they reproduce more and pass their good traits on. Looking at this from a purely natural standpoint, you would think that was so. It would seem like it ought to make sense. Then I thought of Crime Families. Aren’t they organized?

Of course, if man was evolving socially, following evolution’s reasoning that things move from disorder to order,  how on earth would he have progressed if he started out with destructive tendencies? Wouldn’t we have self-destructed? If we started out “upstanding”, again, looking at this from a purely natural point of view, what happened?