Sunday Morning at the Bird Feeders

Last week I was wondering where some of the birds have gone. We’ve had plenty of sparrows, grackles, doves (mourning and white-winged), cardinals and hummingbirds, but no wrens, titmice, chickadees or finches. It’s possible that Hurricane Ike is the reason for this. I’ve been hoping to see some of our missing species soon.

Yesterday morning I heard a blue jay (oh, yeah, I have those guys!) hollering to announce his arrival to pick up a peanut. I opened the blinds to see him and found out there were lots of birds out for breakfast. And guess who was among them? A finch! I had to get the book to try and identify whether he was a purple finch or a house finch. I reckon he’s a young fella’ whose red feathers must not have all come in yet, because he was only red on his breast. Whichever kind he is, he will be getting red feathers on his head and near his tail as well.  Since he was kind of small and had no sign of a pouf (topknot) on his head, my identification as a house finch is my best guess.

Confusion comes with youth (well, with older age too, but never mind that) and this little guy was confused. He flew over to the hummingbird feeder and tried to drink nectar from the ports. How on earth did this bird know there was anything in there that any bird would want? Why did he think he ought to have nectar? His beak wouldn’t fit in the hole, of course, which seemed to frustrate him a bit. He turned around on the perch with his back to the ports and bent over and looked through the clear bottom of the feeder. This poor bird went through this several times. He could see the nectar but he couldn’t get it. I guess he hasn’t noticed he has a seed-eater’s beak and not a nectar-sipper’s beak?

While I was watching this bird with book and binoculars in hand trying to identify him, it seems he was having an identity crisis of his own. And I’m not sure if maybe when I record what I’ve spent our money on, if I should put bird feeding in it’s own category, or move it into entertainment?