Bird in a Thunderstorm

Have you ever wondered where birds go when it’s raining? I mean, they have nests but I don’t think everyone can fit in them at once.

I watched a bird this afternoon during and after a thunderstorm. The storm was going strong when I looked out my kitchen window and, with the rain pouring down, there was a dove hunkered down on the fence. There is some sort of shrubby plant that he was under. Wish I could remember the name of the plant, but it has berries that the mockingbirds like to eat in the summertime. Since the plant is not thick, the dove was really only semi-protected from the rain. He was scrunched down and had his head tilted up. He also blinked a lot because he was getting water in his eyes. His feathers did a good job for him. It looked like he was wearing a raincoat, as the rain wasn’t soaking him but, was just on the surface of his feathers. As he sat there blinking in the storm, the water was dripping off the tip of his tail. Once there was a huge clap of thunder and a flash of lightening. I wondered if he panicked and flew so, I went to the window and checked on him. He was still there, only he was sitting at attention now, with his head a little higher than before. As I watched, he relaxed and tucked his head back down closer to his shoulders.

When the storm ended he was still sitting there but with his feathers fluffed out to dry. Before long the sparrows were singing and a hummingbird had shown up and was ‘on guard’ to keep other hummers away from the feeder. All together, he was there at least an hour and a half. I didn’t know a bird would stay in one place for so long unless he was sleeping.