A Short Tour of the Yard in Mid-September

I’ve set up this category that I’ve called “My Bloomin’ Yard” and I haven’t written much about what’s blooming out there. So, I thought today I’d just take you on a little tour of part of the yard. We’ll do the sanitized version and skip the weeds, OK?

Today is an overcast day; it’s not raining exactly but it’s a bit misty and grey.  (It makes me think of London so I’m going with the British spelling, “grey”.) The birds are very active, chirping and flying about looking for groceries. As I look out my front door there are two hummingbirds chasing each other away from the feeder on the front porch. So, I’m not even outside yet and it’s about birds and not plants.

However, as I step out onto the porch I see that the Elephant Ears look pretty good, but my Texas Lantana and fern don’t look so great. They are at the end of their season and give the appearance of being tired, having lost not only their fresh green springtime color, but even the dull green of mid-summer, as they are beginning to turn brown. Upon closer inspection, I see that the Elephant Ears are starting to fade. As they are lightening over the whole surface of the leaves, I see a lighter green working it’s way in from the edges, and the light and dark greens, along with veins, give a swirly effect that I think would be a great idea for background paper for art. I wonder as I study the leaf, if I would be able to create the same effect with ink and bleach?

The red Hibiscus is blooming and so is the Turk’s Cap. The hummers love these plants! The butterflies like them as well, and they also feed on the yellow Four O’ Clocks.  As I pass by, I collect a few Four O’ Clock seeds to share.

On the side of the house, I check on a tiny red spider that I saw earlier when I was feeding birds. He has his tiny web down in the grass. The spider is still waiting for groceries to show up. The grass is wet even though it’s early afternoon, and the spider’s web is glistening like a glittery tablecloth. It makes me think of a New Year’s Eve party. Except in this case, no one wants to be the spider’s ‘guest’.

Some white flowers that grow wild have found their way to my yard. They grow close to the ground on small vines.  There are four petals on each flower, and I never noticed this before now, but the petals are fuzzy. You have to get down really close to see that. I think they are cute. My husband thinks it’s time to cut the grass. Guess which spot he’ll be asked to skip? He’s used to it and he won’t mind.

Next, we’ll look around just a bit in the back yard. One of our cactus plants (one of the ones that has big paddles) has grown taller over the summer than all of us. Well, we haven’t grown taller over the summer, but you know what I mean. We are amazed by it.

The Magnolia Tree is bearing pretty, soft red cones. The red cones against the green leaves remind me of Christmas.

We have a Spider Lilly that some call a Hurricane Lilly. They are beginning to come up and open. I noticed them popping out of the ground yesterday. They are a wild flower also. The reason some folks call them Hurricane Lilies is because sometimes we have a hurricane before they come up, and it appears that one thing caused the other. That happened last year. Ike came along and tore up the yard, stripping Canna Lily leaves to bits, and then a couple days later, up pop the Spider Lilies in all their glory. They were a nice reminder that even when things are a mess, beauty can be found if we look for it.