Another Thing the Democrats Have Wrong

The democrats are afraid if they don’t pass healthcare legislation right NOW, they will lose elections and control of congress next year. Are they kidding? They think the reason they lost control of congress after Hilary Clinton’s 1994 attempt at a plan for all of us, is that they didn’t pass the thing. What? I think they are not connecting the dots right on this all. They lost because she wasn’t elected to anything and she was trying to take over our lives.

If they lose a bunch of elections next year – and I think they will – it will be because they were elected and they are trying to take over our lives. And at this point, it won’t matter if they pass this or not, they are out. Most of us don’t want this plan because it won’t accomplish anything good. What’s wrong with it has been hashed out all over the internet and other media, so I’ll just take it to the bare bones and say this. It’s unconstitutional, and we are fed up with the federal government ignoring the document they have sworn to uphold.

Anyone, of any party, who votes on any legislation without considering the very few items the federal government is authorized to do, is going to lose. A lot of us will only vote for a person who understands that the purpose of the Constitution is to limit the federal government.