Looking Out My Windows on September 17

This morning before 7 am the hummingbirds were already fighting over the feeder outside the kitchen window.  I guess they don’t need coffee or tea to get going for the day.  The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have a long flight to prepare for since they go to southern Mexico or northern Panama, so they are storing a bit of body fat to use as energy. Somehow it’s hard to imagine that they gain almost as much as they weigh to begin with, so that they are almost double in weight by the time they leave. I think I’ll leave my feeders out after they are gone and just watch and see if I get a Rufous or two. I’ve never had one but from what I’ve read they are showing up where they don’t usually hang out. I have a friend just a bit northeast of me who has them so it’s not too much of a stretch to hope I’ll get one here.

All the other birds, the doves, sparrows, Blue Jays and Cardinals are gobbling up seed like crazy today. Usually, the Blue Jays will only grab a peanut and take off quickly, but today they are lingering and eating sunflower seed. I guess since the temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter, everyone is taking in extra calories so they can gain a bit of extra fat and stay warm.

The mushrooms are popping up all over the past few days. I can’t imagine why anyone wants to ‘clean the yard’ by getting rid of something so interesting. Just think, they are below the surface of the ground all the time and when conditions are right for them, overnight they just show up to announce that fall is coming. There is a circle of them that I can see from one of my windows. It’s an elliptical circle, but it’s a circle and do you know what that means? My grandma told me that’s where the fairies danced the night before. You know what else she said? She told me that the Little People live under the mushrooms. When I was a bit too old to believe that, I would still lie in the grass and pretend it was true and look for them.

Well, most of us who live where it is hot during the summer are enjoying the cooler days. Some of us are anxious for the first really nice cold front so we can make a big ol’ pot chili or homemade soup. Last week I cooked pinto beans and put the leftovers in the freezer. They will make a great pot of vegetarian chili. I’m just watching the signs of change from my windows and waiting.