Last Day of September

What a beautiful day! We have a clear blue sky, the humidity is low and it’s so nice out that I’ve raised my windows. As I sit here drinking iced tea and eating dark chocolate, I’m listening to squirrels, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Northern Cardinals, and various other birds whose songs I haven’t yet learned to identify. While ago I heard a Pileated Woodpecker. Those birds are so fine. They look sort of like Woody Woodpecker from the cartoon.

A friend told me yesterday afternoon she’s had Indigo Buntings and a female finch in her yard. She thinks it was probably a Purple Finch. She also had a Baltimore Oriole. She was having up to 50 humming birds at a time but it’s down to about 25 now. Since this friend is a bit north of me she told me to watch my feeders. I sure am! My numbers on the hummers have been pretty variable the past week but have increased from only seeing one at a time last week to two or three fighting over things this week.

My husband’s Mexican Petunia is still covered in blooms. A couple of hummers were each claiming it day before yesterday. A few weeks ago I saw some Mexican Petunia growing along the gully nearby. I wonder what spread the seed way off to there? Maybe some place upstream that flooded and brought seeds down, or maybe a hurricane blew them to that spot. It’s nice to see the pretty purple flowers by the water.

The cones on the Southern Magnolia are bearing their bright red seeds. Sure is pretty. And the satsumas are beginning to ripen. This will be our first harvest from this tree. Less than a dozen fruit but it’s less than a year old so I guess that’s a good kind of tree to have.

Friends way up north tell me their leaves are changing. Our leaves don’t go through color changes on most of the trees here. At least the ones on the streets don’t. If we go to a river, creek or bayou where it’s cooler we see pretty leaves. It’s like another world on the river.

I hope you are enjoying the changing of seasons where you live. And if you are cooped up inside and are unable to go out, I hope you can ‘see’ a bit of it here and enjoy God’s creation through this little blog.