The Day After Thanksgiving

Well, yesterday there were no flames or explosions so I guess Thanksgiving went well this year. One year I had marshmallows that were not just burnt but burning with flames, and yesterday I looked around just in time to see the peas boil over and completely put out the gas flame on my stove. Glad I saw it happen so we didn’t have a house full of natural gas. Kinda’ put my mom’s forgetting to take the cheesecake out of the freezer to thaw into perspective. Besides, it was probably better to let it thaw on the counter while our meal settled. Sure was good.

I know a lot of people are hitting the stores today. Black Friday is like the first day of deer season for some folks. There’s a lot of adrenaline flowing as they are on the hunt for trophies. I’ll never understand either one of them. I had good sleep and am almost finished with my shopping anyway.You may gloat along with me if you wish.

The past few weeks I’ve been sick or injured (pulled a back muscle while reaching for a cookbook that was on a bookshelf) more than I’ve been well. Yesterday was the first day I finally felt really good in quite a while. So…what to do today?

I’ve got the little stacks going here. You know how when you’ve been sick or otherwise occupied, after a few days you look around and there’s a stack of papers and stuff here and over there is another and over there …? This is also a good day to put away fall decorations and start putting the Christmas things out. I don’t think I’ll do that today though. I’d rather wait until after the stacks are tended to. It’s just more fun if the house is clean and neat.

I think what I’ll do today is head outside. While I’m full of cortisone (to cure my latest bout of the crud – crud is a medical term in Southeast Texas) would be a good time to finish building my mulch bin and clean out the weeds and add fresh mulch to the rose garden. Between cortisone and a dust mask maybe I’ll get this done without my nose going nuts. Besides, it’s a beautiful sun-shiny day. Not to work with the leaves would be a waste of cortisone and sunshine.

While I’m out I’m going to be watching for hummingbirds. I took my feeders down but still have Turk’s Cap in bloom. My friend who lives a bit north of me had a Rufous Hummingbird in her yard yesterday. I’m not giving up.

I hope you are having a good Day After Thanksgiving, too.

Addendum—added later in the day: What wuz I thinkin’? I’ve been too still for too long to do all the physical work I wanted to do today. You may laugh along with me if you wish.