Watching the Seasons Change

The change in seasons is lurching along in Southeast Texas. The reason I say ‘lurching’ is because our weather changes constantly in the fall with cold fronts that bring cool dry air–once the rain that comes with them is past–which then back up as warm fronts making it warm and humid again. This fall has been nice though with some cooler than normal temperatures at times. I had a bloom on a hibiscus last week and the Turk’s Cap is still blooming. However, the Four O’ Clocks are about finished for the year and the leaves on the hackberry trees have gone from light green to golden-yellow. The yellow and purple pansies seem to be very satisfied in my garden, along with the herbs and buttercrunch lettuce.

Sunday morning I saw a yellow butterfly on the lipstick plant. (The contrast of a yellow butterfly on a bright red bloom is worth stopping to gaze at for a moment–just beautiful.) A few seconds later, a gentle breeze loosened a few of those golden leaves from 0ne of the hackberry trees and I had to look twice to see if I was looking at butterflies or leaves. Sunday was a good day for a picnic lunch at the river. It felt like the temperature was about 70 F. with a light breeze and no mosquitoes. There was a range of fall colors on the Cyprus, sweet gum and tallow trees.

From Sunday to today our temperature has been dropping as a cold front is moving through. Today is a very gray day with some drizzle and heavier rain is expected. It’s very quiet outside; the birds are all hunkered down in their nests. It’s been that kind of day and at my house it will end with a good ol’ pot of pinto beans flavored with venison sausage, fresh garlic and onion, salt, pepper, cayenne, oregano, ground cumin, paprika, jalapenos and a touch of cinnamon. Put some brown rice and cornbread with that and it’s a good day. I’m enjoying the changes and I hope you are, too.