The Smart Thing That Russell Does

I’m a fan of Survivor. I almost feel like I should say, “I’m Diane, and I’m a fan of Survivor.” It may be an addiction, but I’m not looking for a cure, so I don’t care. The thing that drew me into the show still fascinates me. It’s personalities and how people perceive themselves and others, and how their perception does or does not square with reality. I also like to see how people endure the circumstances they are living in as they play the game.

This season there is a player, Russell Hantz, who is from Texas. This fellow has something going for him that has given him an advantage over the other players. Russell can keep his eye on his target– winning the game–and not be distracted by immediate concerns. When everybody else is griping about weather, fatigue or hunger, Russell is thinking about the game.  He just flat doesn’t care about temporary circumstances; he has a goal to reach.

I’m enjoying watching how a person can keep their wits while everyone else is being dragged around by their own emotions and physical discomfort. They let the temporary things get them off target, or they act like the temporary things figure in somehow to the overall picture, but those things don’t matter. Russell knows what he wants and that is all that matters.

Today I’m thinking about goals. I’m checking to see that I’m not distracted by things that don’t matter, but making sure that I have my target squarely in sight and that I have a plan for each day to do something that is moving me in the direction I want to go. Thanks for the inspiration, Russell.