Goldfinches are Here

I live about 20-25 miles inland in Southeast Texas and we are seeing the first goldfinches at our feeders today. We have a friend a bit north of us who has been seeing them the past several days. She saw them in the trees for a few days before they decided to come down and eat her bird groceries.

We did some bird watching from our windows this morning. Here is what we saw: 2 Yellow-rumped warblers, Orange-crowned warbler, a Red-bellied woodpecker, 2 Northern Yellow-shafted flickers. All those guys and gals were in trees. At the feeders we had a White-throated sparrow (he was on the ground near the feeders; he generally won’t get up on them, but with birds, never say never), lots of House sparrows, Carolina chickadees, Tufted-titmice, Cardinals, Mourning doves, and our rarely-seen-in-these-parts Buff-bellied humming bird. This morning the humming bird sat on a branch outside the kitchen window and talked to us in his little staccato bird language. It was a different pitch than Morse code, but that’s what it reminded me of. My friend videoed him and we hope it picked up the sound. As cold as it was, we had the window raised.

I just love being able to see all these fine birds while looking out my windows as I watch the frost melt and enjoy my hot coffee. I hope you are having some good birding experiences, too.