Just a Quick Thought on the Senatorial Election in Massachusetts

I think it’s pretty interesting to see that Massachusetts elected a Republican senator yesterday. And he beat Martha Coakley to take the seat that Ted Kennedy held. Scott Brown is the first Republican they’ve elected for that office since 1972. Hmm.

All I can say is the Republicans better not think for one minute that this means people are not happy with Democrats and for that reason, they will now vote for Republicans. A lot of folks are not happy with either party. A lame duck president in this case would be good. If we had a Republican majority and a Republican President who were not listening to the citizens, I’d still want a lame duck!

What they need to understand in Washington is not that we prefer either one of those two parties. We want people who have liberty and freedom in mind. We want Senators, Representatives and a President who understand the Constitution. I prefer Libertarian candidates but will vote for others if they measure up. This fall I’ll take it race by race when I look at the ballot. I will not vote for any candidate who does not have my understanding of freedom, civil liberties, a government that is bound by the Constitution, and a foreign policy that doesn’t look like we are trying to run the world. There is no such thing as “the lesser of two evils.”