Had Enough of the Newstainment Industry? Come to Some Quiet Places

Well, have you had enough of the radio-egos? Enough of them trashing the people you are supporting in political races? Enough of them saying one thing and then saying the opposite? Enough of them playing with facts and making things mean what they want them to mean? Do you feel like they have jerked your emotional chain one time too many? Had enough yet?

Maybe it’s time for you to toss the newstainment and read/listen to some things that won’t be so rough on you. You can still keep up with what is going on without suffering. (Sorry if I sound angry. I am. I’m seeing folks who are upset and hurt by people they trusted and that ALWAYS jerks MY chain.) So, may I invite you to a few quiet places? Places that have good information and you can learn in-depth about the issues that concern you?

Take a look at The Future of Freedom Foundation at http://www.fff.org. There are several good writers whose work is found on this site. The Future of Freedom Foundation will send a daily email with links to articles of interest if you request it. Also, check out Mises Institute at http://mises.org/. If you want something to listen to as you go about your day, Mises has videos you can listen to. Another good one is Cato Institute (http://www.cato.org/). Campaign for Liberty (http://www.campaignforliberty.com/) and Reason Foundation (http://reason.org/) are two more good places to learn about current issues.

These sites all have very good writers who know their subject. They don’t appeal to emotions like the voices on the radio and TV, but instead will engage your reasoning abilities. Using our brains is the only way we won’t be led over the proverbial cliff that everyone is so worried about. And if I could, I’d fix you a cup of hot tea to drink while you relax and rest.