Birds and Garden News

Here’s a little report on the goings on in my yard. The weather was beautiful today and I was able to go outside and get a few things done. Between the rake and the shovel – and the stooping and pulling – I ought to be on my way to becoming buff. Of course, it will take more than one day of hard work to get the chores done and to get myself in shape. I hope I can still move my back and arms tomorrow.

Got my Kentucky Wonder pole beans planted. I still have some mighty healthy weeds to remove so I can get the rest of the garden in. The herbs are doing great. The marjoram survived the winter along with dill, parsley, coriander, rosemary, spearmint and garlic chives. The green onions are looking good. Tomorrow I hope to deal with the weeds so I can get the vegetables and peanuts planted pretty soon. Peanuts are a new adventure for me. I do hope to get the other two parsley plants that I just bought in the ground tomorrow. Can’t have too much parsley if I hope to have swallowtail butterflies again this year. Something I still need is milkweed for the monarchs. I was told their numbers are down due to weather and loss of habitat, so I sure want to be able to feed any monarch caterpillars that may show up.

I saw a gold finch today at my feeder. I guess he’s a straggler. The rest of them left 2 or 3 weeks ago. My buff-bellied hummingbird left the second week of March. We hope he comes back next winter. I won’t let my husband mow the part of the yard that I call our “meadow” until after the wildflowers bloom, but there are a few things that come up that we don’t want growing out there. So, today I was pulling them and I saw the first ruby-throated hummingbird for this year. Well, the first one for my yard. I have a friend who had her first – two in one day! – on March 15. We put a hummingbird feeder out near the back of the yard hoping for a visit from the orchard oriole. He was in the woods behind our house last year, so we hope to entice him to come a bit closer. Anyway, that’s where I saw the hummingbird. It may be my imagination but he looked pretty worn out and hungry to me. I need to get some food in the other two feeders tomorrow so I’ll be ready for the rest of them.

I sure hope I can move my back and arms tomorrow.