Government, God and My Happiness

I had a conversation this morning at church with a fellow who thinks a lot like I do about a lot of things pertaining to the way businesses are run and government shenanigans.  We discussed how greed drives corporations and when they go from being privately or employee owned to being publicly owned through stock, it ruins the humanity of the company. We talked about how the tax system is so complicated the head of the IRS won’t even take a chance on preparing his own taxes; he hires someone.  We’ve both seen Food, Inc. and learned why immigration is handled the way it is when we saw the deal the feds cut with the chicken processing plant. (If you have not seen Food, Inc. I highly recommend it.) We talked about regulation on top of regulation and how it’s getting pretty heavy in all areas – all those layers of rules and bureaucracy.

I told my friend that it’s going to crash under it’s own weight. Or, maybe it will just limp along like the Soviet Union did for 70 years. I do what I can to change the direction we’re going, but like I told my friend, if we can’t change it and we have to live with all this nonsense, I can still be happy. I’m a citizen of a great Kingdom and this is not all there is for me.  (The Bible says our life is like a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. James 4:14) My friend sure did agree. It’s so good to know a Christian’s happiness doesn’t have to depend on what the government does.