Technique for Cleaning Out the Closet: Man vs. Woman

I said to my husband, “We need to go clean out our closet. Just the clothes part today.” He said, “OK.”

We went into the walk in closet. Husband eyeballed his hanging clothes and said, “I wear all that.” He then walked out of the closet.

I got him to dig into a few particulars – the folded clothes, the things hanging on the other side, his jackets. He took out 3 or 4 things.

A good hour later, I am still going through my clothes, one item at a time, checking for stains, if it fits, if it’s too worn to wear, but only in a few spots so it’s a good piece of fabric for artwork, do I not wear it and it’s good enough to give away…

Husband is gone to visit his dad.

And he doesn’t “wear all that,” but I wear some of the things he doesn’t, so I’m leaving his hanging things alone.