How to Wake Your Husband While Driving

I’m cleaning out email (always, it seems!) and I just ran across something that I saved for a family story – one of those things my grand kids might want to hear one day. This little event happened when I was taking my husband to work. The email was sent to my oldest son. Here it is as I wrote it in 2003:

“I did a 180 this am. I guess I put my brakes on too hard for the wet road.  I was at the light on (street) by the library and railroad tracks going west. When I started to stop for the light we slid and started turning. Nothing was coming from the other way thank God so I only entertained folks and didn’t hurt anyone. It really was surreal as we were spinning quietly, neither of us speaking at all, and then I said, “Wow.” Then, “Steer INTO the turn.”  We straightened out in the lane going east and stopped. Your daddy hadn’t said a word yet and I said, “That really does go against your natural instincts to turn into it, as we just saw.”  Finally your daddy spoke. He said simply, “Yeah.” It’s hilarious now to think of how calmly we reacted. I sounded like it was driving school and I was doing a demo. I told him, “I’m sorry. Good morning!” He said, “Yeah.”  When we got to (his place of work) I said, “You know I’ve always wanted to try that and see how it works. I just didn’t want to do it on a city street.” Again all he said was, “Yeah.” He could talk again by the time I picked him up. He said he thought I was training for stunt driving school and asked me if I took my foot off the brake when we started to slide. He said a lot of times that’s all it takes. I told him I had no idea where my foot was except that it was at the end of my leg.
I know it would have scared me silly if someone had been hit or even close to us but knowing we weren’t going to damage anyone or anything just made it a weird experience. I actually had more adrenaline from the oven last week than from this.”
Oh, yeah. The oven. Wow.