Just One Blade, or a Whole Package?

Today, some friends who homeschool and I, who used to homeschool, were talking. During our conversation I remembered one time I needed a single edge razor blade for a science demonstration. At the time, my oldest son was a teenager and the other two were probably about nine and ten years old. I told them to stay in the house while I walked around the corner to the store to get some razor blades.

For sentimental reasons, I walked past the store my sons would usually go to, so I could  go to the one that my friends grandparents owned when I was a kid. The two stores were across the street from each other.

I went in and saw the razor blades behind the counter, so I told the man I needed some single edge blades. He took down a pack and asked me if I needed the whole package or just one blade. I just sort of shrugged my shoulders and said one would be fine, that was really all I needed. So, I bought one blade.

I was really surprised he asked me that. I hadn’t been in that store in forever and he didn’t know me. I could have been a cop. Rather than just getting the science demonstration, my sons got a bit more of their drug education. (Some people use cocaine and they use razor blades to “cut a line” so they can snort it.) They got a lot of their drug education as we came across stuff. Such is homeschooling in the ‘hood.