Making Cookies for Christmas

The other night I baked cookies. I followed the recipe on the Nestle’s Semi-Sweet Morsel bag. You know, the one that says “Toll House” on the front. It was the first time I’ve made cookies in forever; I’ve been without a regular oven (have been using a toaster oven) for a few years now. I just got my oven fixed in October – at the same time I was figuring out that my doctor’s suggestion that I not eat gluten might actually fix me. Since I followed the recipe, I didn’t use gluten-free flour and I did use butter. (I’ve also gone pretty much non-dairy, for now at least, but I am eating chocolate morsels. It’s Christmas and they don’t seem to bother me.)

While I was making the cookies, my husband and son were out fishing. When they came in after fishing, the house smelled good and my husband was so happy to see cookies. He picked one up and took a bite and started this “Mmmm! Mmmm!” stuff. I said, “I don’t want to hear any ‘Mmmm! Mmmm!’ noises! Just tell me if they came out OK.”

Can you imagine being told something like that? He looked shocked and confused! He asked, “Why?” and I told him, “Because I can’t have any, that’s why!” I felt like I was clinging to a branch on a cliff the whole time I was baking those things. And they smelled so good… Don’t let go! Don’t eat any cookies! You can make some for yourself tomorrow!

And the next day I did make some for myself. I used the Toll House Cookie recipe, but I used Better Batter Flour in the same amount of regular flour called for in the recipe. I also used coconut oil (again in the same amount)  instead of butter. And they are so good! Mmmm! Mmmm!


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