His Name is Bubba

I learned that Mr. Painted Bunting prefers to be called Bubba. A few days ago, I was sitting at my indoor bird blind (down low behind a table) close to the window waiting for him to show up so I could practice taking video with this new camera. (I’m using the manual to take lessons on how to use it and it was video time.) The daylight was fading away and his colors were going to be muddy if he didn’t hurry up, so I said, “Come on, Bubba!” and there he was within seconds of me calling him.

Yesterday afternoon I didn’t get the millet refilled. Or, the peanuts either, but there was plenty of black oil sunflower seed, thistle and suet and I knew I’d be getting up pretty early this morning, so I didn’t go out in the dark to refill millet and peanuts. This morning at about 7:30 I was in the kitchen when I heard a bird kind of flutter and thump at the window. I figured someone had landed to complain about the breakfast menu. (Sparrows seem to do that most often if there is no seed at all.) When I looked there was Bubba! I was shocked! He was on the windowsill looking inside the house. He has millet now.

I’ve been asked for photos so I’m going to post one even though it’s sort of embarrassing because I know better ones are coming. I’m still using the auto setting, but I have gotten some pretty good shots of sparrows so I know it’s possible on auto. However, this camera (Kodak Easy Share) has a faster speed on manual settings than my Honeywell Pentax that I was given as a graduation gift in 1975, so I know better photos are coming. But just so you can see that this bird is colorful and he’s here…(Addendum: click on the photo for a better look!)

Mr. and Mrs. Painted Bunting

Mr. and Mrs. Painted Bunting


4 comments on “His Name is Bubba

  1. Renee, Lindsey, and Lauren says:

    Wow! They are beautiful. I haven’t seen one yet, I have always looked for them though. Thanks for sending this picture.


  2. thinkactlive says:

    You’re welcome! I have plans for better photos with the birds filling more of the frame. So far, my shutter speed has been too slow on the ones that I took through the binoculars to stop the movement of the birds and/or the feeder as it swings. I’ve heard that wildlife photography takes lots of time and patience. It will be good for me. :>}


  3. Sandra Achilles says:

    Lovely picture. Keep practicing because you are doing a great job so far!


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