Tarzan Could Win This Thing

I’ve been watching the women on Survivor play a really good game by using their brains. It’s been pretty refreshing and I’ve had my favorites among them. I’d like to see Sabrina, Kim and Chelsea in the final three.

The only time I had another favorite player was when they were ganged up on Troyzan. He was such a fighter that I began to pull for him, but they took him out, so I’m back to my original three favorites.

I think though that these smart women are over looking something. It looks like they are all distrusting each other so much that they have missed this one man who they have left alone. Tarzan is just coasting along, quietly staying in the game while they look at each other and squabble about which woman ought to be voted out next. If they don’t get rid of him pretty quick, you know what’s going to happen. He will be the one man who all the men that they voted out will vote for. The women who are shocked and angry (wow, Kat certainly was rattled last week!) will likely also vote for him.

Details, Ladies. It’s all about the details. Let’s hope they wake up and get that done tonight.


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