A Homemade Bird Feeder

Goodness, gracious! I finally finished this bird feeder. What held me up? Fear. I was afraid I’d mess up the hardware part. Painting is easy; carpentry is not my thing.  I made this out of a picture frame that I bought second-hand after seeing the idea in a Birds and Blooms magazine. I used outdoor paint so it ought to look pretty decent for a few years.

This is my fourth feeder. When I was doing the third one, my son said I ought to use a drill to get the holes started for the eye screws. So, today I learned how to use one. And did it! And here it is.



2 comments on “A Homemade Bird Feeder

  1. Sandra Achilles says:

    Glad it is finished. It looks really good. I know you will enjoy watching the birds as they feed there.


    • thinkactlive says:

      Thanks, Sandra. I’m glad to be finished, too, because it has seemed like I had a log jam of projects for quite a while. I’m feeling really good now and things seem to be happening now. Yea! This feeder is actually for a friend though. When I do another little batch of them, I plan to do one for myself.


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