More Thoughts On The ISIS Situation

Scott Pelley. Good grief. The man is risking his life to run all over the Middle East to get interviews supposedly to let us know what is going on, but he’s only telling part of the story. I should know better. If anyone thinks they can condense the complexity of centuries of conflict in the Middle East down to anything less than an hour, well, they are leaving out a lot. Since writing about this yesterday, I’ve read more and have had discussions with my family and now I’m aggravated.

On 60 Minutes, I saw Jordan’s king say he wanted us to help. I guess so. ISIS has threatened to kill him after they take his country. According to this article on World Net Daily, 60 Minutes didn’t tell the whole story. (Well, color me surprised. CBS sometimes really appears to be a propaganda machine, from TV shows to news coverage. Scott must be one of their most compliant puppets.) There are people in Jordan who actually want ISIS to take over. The Sunni’s in Iraq felt the same way until it happened. Well, at least one man changed his mind. He was the one 60 Minutes interviewed. The ones who still support ISIS haven’t been interviewed by 60 Minutes. The Prime Minister of Jordan doesn’t want us involved. It sounds like the reason is because he’s trying to avoid conflict. How can he avoid conflict when this group wants to take his country and there are people in it who support ISIS and people who don’t? It sounds like even though Jordan is with us on bombing ISIS, they are not united. My husband said that lack of unity in that region is how all this is perpetuated.

Something else I learned answers my question about Turkey. I wondered why they weren’t doing anything to stop this murderous organization? This is happening right on their southern border. Well, guess what? Silly me thought no government would sell weapons to ISIS, so they must be getting bullets and such off the black market. Not so. If you read the article linked to above on World Net Daily, you saw that Turkey is helping them. Seems Turkey wants a caliphate and thinks ISIS is the way to establish one.

One thing that gets to me is the beheading of US journalists by ISIS. Great Britain and the US have been looking for them. I guess really that is all that can be done. Bombs and missiles really won’t fix that. I’ve learned that the journalists were reporting on the Free Syrian Army. They were with them and the army sold them to ISIS for $50,000. I learned that here.

Another thing that concerns me is the people who support ISIS and who are scattered here and there all over the world. They could do a lot of harm. I am not willing, however, to give up any more civil liberties in order for the government to hunt for them amongst the population. Serial killers are a danger to us all but we don’t search folks’ persons and vehicles trying to find duct tape and knives. Let’s not lose perspective, please.

Syria is a stew of rebels and fighters of all sorts and we have jumped in by supplying weapons. That never goes well, as you can see from, oh, from history, the most recent being the article linked to a couple of sentences back. I’m glad my congressman voted not to arm rebels. He said he couldn’t do that without more info on how they would decide who to arm and what to do if it didn’t work. Besides, our getting involved in Syria looks like an excuse to meddle in who is running the country, which is none of our business. Here we go poking the bear in the eye again, too. (Russia, who of course, isn’t happy about our meddling in Ukraine’s business either.)

Supposedly, ┬ácongress is waiting until after the elections this fall before discussing the President’s decision to drop bombs and fire missiles all on his own, without congress making that decision. And see, that’s the thing. You would think that congress would have more info than we have and they could discuss this now and make an informed decision. We can only look at our news sources and hope they are giving us all the information without leaning this way or that. Is that too much to ask, anyway?

My Thoughts On The Most Recent Mess In The Middle East

Normally I’m not in favor of this sort of thing. Until I saw enough and read enough, I wasn’t sure we ought to be messing with this at all. A few months back when there were discussions about whether or not we should arm rebels in Syria, I didn’t think we should because we didn’t know who was who over there and I’m glad we stayed out of it. As usual, I think John McCain and Lindsey Graham were wrong. I think what I saw on 60 Minutes online last night, along with what I’ve seen on CBN News has been very informative and helped me make up my mind on this.

Looking back, I think our involvement in Iraq to take out Saddam was a very bad idea. I think what is happening now could not have happened if we would have stayed at home and not started something over there. Now we have This. This is different. Iraq is losing territory to ISIS and Syria has lost land to them as well. They have a certain area staked out that they want to claim and rule. They are beheading and shooting anyone, Muslim or Christian or whatever, who doesn’t agree with them. They have killed Americans. Is that not an act of war?

We had Syria’s permission before we dropped the first bomb. France has been dropping bombs as well. ISIS has 40,000 troops, no telling how many supporters worldwide and is bringing in $6 million a day. At least 100 American citizens are involved with them over there and there are some who have been there and trained with them and are now back in the US. These are people who have a legitimate passport to come and go from here to there. I’m not big on believing I should be afraid of everyone the government says is a threat. I don’t need the government to say a word for this to make me uncomfortable. Plus, some of this information comes from an intelligence source from the Middle East who spoke on camera. I think they know more about what is going on than what our intelligence has known, such as how many fighters there are and how much money ISIS takes in on a daily basis.

Last night after seeing the 60 Minutes report, I told my husband I wish the other countries nearby would do something. Why is it just US? I wondered if the leaders that surround Iraq and Syria even care about this, or do they just expect us to come do everything for them? Today I learned that five of those countries do support what we are doing. Those countries are Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. Knowing this made a difference to me and solidified my conclusion. I’d like to see Turkey and Lebanon get involved, too, since they are so near where ISIS has taken land.

So, these are my thoughts.


ADDENDUM: One of my sons gave me some info that I didn’t have, so there is a correction to make. We didn’t exactly get permission from Syria. This is what the US State Department said:

“[W]e informed the Syrian regime directly of our intent to take action through our Ambassador to the United Nations (Ambassador Power) to the Syrian Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

We warned Syria not to engage US aircraft. We did not request the regime’s permission. We did not coordinate our actions with the Syrian government. We did not provide advance notification to the Syrians at a military level, or give any indication of our timing on specific targets. Secretary Kerry did not send a letter to the Syrian regime.”

Also, where is congress? There is a way to go about whatever needs to be done and a way not to. I hope they have all their ducks in a row.