Problems in the US Food Supply

This is a first for me, folks. I have never posted anything like this where I ask readers to watch a video in order to learn something. I assume you are here to read, and maybe look at photos, but if you ever eat a bite of food in the United States, this concerns you.

Did you know that the US has the highest cancer rate in the world? Did you know that 9 out of 10 breast cancers are not caused by genes? Did you know that food allergies are rampant in the US, having doubled between 1997 and 2002? This little video very powerfully explains why we have these problems, along with others, in less than 20 minutes.

If you want more information, check out Food, Inc. Netflix has it in case you only want to rent it. One helpful and inspiring book and DVD set to help one get away from some of this is the Forks Over Knives book and DVD set. My doctor recommended the book when we were talking about nutrition recently. The DVD explains a lot about food and health; the book is mostly recipes. (We had the Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash last night and the Banana Ice Cream dessert and it was delicious!)

I think we can change the situation, and in the meantime, we can all eat more healthful foods. I’m even more inspired now. I hope you are, too.

I’ve Just Discovered Wendell Berry

Yesterday I was reading in Modern Reformation magazine and came across a couple of quotes from Wendell Berry. He’s a “farmer/poet/novelist living in Kentucky.” He talks about how our food supply has been taken over by agribusiness; he calls it “food industrialists.” He talks about how a lot of our food isĀ  processed and packaged and nutrition that was destroyed when the food was processed is added back but it’s not as nutritious as it was originally. It’s just more convenient. Then they beg us to eat their food which he says is all but pre-chewed for us and that is only because they haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Well, not in a way that makes a profit for them anyway. He also talks about how our eating is more like us going to a filling station and the disconnect between the land, the food and the purposes of meals and of our lives. I wanted to know more about him and would like to read some of his writing. So, I looked around for info on Wendell Berry and here are a couple of the more informative articles that I’ve found:

The first is a review of several of his writings and the second is something really cool that he wrote.

OH…my dad gave me some green onions the other day that are sprouting in the bag! I better go stick them in some dirt!