Kate Who?

I thought that this woman – Kate – who is marrying that Prince – William – was an American actress. Maybe I had her confused with Kate Winslet? I guess Kate Winslet is American? Anyway, I thought that until this week. Then the other day I saw something on TV about how Kate and William met in school. Oh. She’s British and she’s not an actress.

The reporter said they were college friends and William had probably never seen Kate wearing anything other than jeans and a sweat shirt. Then one day, Kate was walking down a runway wearing something that they said was a dress. I’m glad they told me, because I was wondering, “What is that woman wearing?” Prince William was in the audience at the time.

I don’t know why she was walking down a runway (she went to college to be a model?) or why the Prince was in the audience, but after he saw that much of her (very skimpy “dress”), he had to marry her. Well, he decided to anyway.

I didn’t watch the wedding. I even forgot it was happening today. I guess I live in another world entirely.