Still Trying to Figure This Out

I think I’m frustrated by the whole learning how to cook differently thing. I got the Better Batter flour mix and wanted to make bread yesterday, and when I went to the website to read about it and find a recipe, I found one and it said to mix the dough with a mixer for 7-10 minutes. I figured my arm will fall off – I’d have to eat the bread with one hand. I was willing to do that. Then as I read comments, I saw that I would have to use a mixer on a stand. Naomi, the lady behind the great flour, told a reader that the thick dough will burn up a hand mixer. SO…now I need a mixer on a stand! The last slice of I bread I ate was when I was at my son’s house and he cooked sausages and I put mine on a slice of bread. That was October 18th. I’d love some French Toast about now. (OK…back to those questions I ask myself…What do I live for? Aren’t I glad I don’t have to take medicine?)

Another frustration is so many recipes that I find and want to try, call for ingredients that I don’t just have around here because this is all new to me. And it looks like I need to avoid dairy, at least for a while. My esophagus feels sore off and on and it seems to coincide with eating dairy.

The great cornbread recipe (see this post for the link) that I have calls for dairy. At least I can make pumpkin muffins without dairy, but I need to get some non-dairy margarine/butter type thing to do it. (And these muffins are totally worth it! DE-licious!) I wonder if the day after Thanksgiving I should just go on some kind of heal-the-digestive-system diet for a few weeks, where I lay off all beans and soy and dairy and gluten and nuts….anything that can be hard to digest?

Oh, I quit taking the enzymes. My doctor told me to try them for a couple of weeks and if I wasn’t fixed to try no dairy, and then if after a couple more weeks I still wasn’t fixed, to try no gluten. I was feeling better while taking the enzymes, but everything was not fixed. I tried going gluten-free first because I noticed that when I ate gluten, like the time I ate the huge beautiful Bavarian Cream donut that sat in my stomach like a rock, if I took an enzyme afterwards, within 15 minutes my stomach felt better.

“The Gluten Connection,” by Dr. Shari Leiberman,  has a chapter on supplements, and enzymes are only recommended for “gluten slips.” I stopped for that reason, and because my doctor didn’t say to keep taking them if that wasn’t the whole problem, and because they are WAY too expensive for me and I could lose my house and have to live under a freeway bridge so I could have my enzymes (Ok…that’s catastrophizing…), and because I couldn’t be sure of everything I should avoid if I kept taking them and they did what my body couldn’t do.

Well, I just took this banana bread out of the oven. Better Batter can be substituted cup for cup in place of regular flour so that is what I used. It didn’t rise like banana bread normally does, which is to be expected. It smells good though.

ADDENDUM: The bread was good. It was thick and not cake-like, which is what the cook wanted who came up with the recipe. I expect to be making this again.

ADDENDUM II: Thought I ought to say this: The esophagus thing is not from dairy. It’s a muscle spasm. It feels better when I eat and it is worse in the evening than in the morning. If I make faces that Gene Simmons would be proud of, it releases the spasm a bit. Seems to be stress-related. Big sigh.