Ya’ Reckon These Eggs Belong To Our Rat Snake?

A few months ago, I was getting the concrete blocks around the garden all in order, and preparing to put up a fence. We had expanded the garden and I needed to fill in some space with blocks, and also there were weeds to pull. We have some of those concrete block with holes in them laying on their sides, with the holes up, but with some concrete scallop edging laying on top of them. It covers the holes and I like the little scalloped edges.

Why keep the concrete when we’re putting up a fence? Because an armadillo won’t dig under it if there’s concrete there. Well, maybe not just one armadillo. Sometimes in the morning, my yard looks like there was a whole group of drunken golfers out there all night.

Anyway, the edging wasn’t all lined up perfectly, and a snake found a way into the hole. “What a nice protected place to lay my eggs,” she thought. I’m sure she thought that, and also, thanked me.


Snake Eggs

Snake Eggs


Since finding the eggs, we’ve seen a huge rat snake at least three times in our garden. (I don’t know where the babies went; haven’t seen a single young one.) She’s (I just know it’s a she and she’s the momma of those eggs) almost as long as my broom handle. I figured that out by seeing where her head was and where her tail was at the same time and putting the broom on the ground where she had been. I speak to her every time I see her. I’ve tried to work along side of her. She’s just not friendly. She runs from me. Which is why I tell folks not to run from snakes. Why run from something that’s already running from you?

Of Wasps and Worms, Pt. 2

I wondered if the lack of wasps this year  – fewer than ever! – had anything to do with the worms in my garden that were chowing down on the tomatoes.  Oh, they were eating leaves, too. Anyway, yesterday I saw a wasp on a tomato plant and guess what HE was chowing down on? A worm! Yea, wasp!

Now, I wonder if the lack of wasps this year has anything to do with the extra spraying the county has been doing to kill mosquitoes? They are spraying more because when Hurricane Ike blew in last year it brought more mosquitoes to our area. One question always seems to lead to another.

Of Wasps and Worms

I’ve noticed a few things this year that are out of the ordinary. Usually, we have a few wasps nests around here. Last year we had more than usual and I managed to get stung once.  This year I can count on one hand the total number of wasps I’ve seen in  my yard.

I’ve also had something different happening in the veggie garden. Usually, I’ll have stink bugs and a few tomato hornworms. This year I’ve had plenty of those. The thing that is weird is all the worms. I’ve never ever in all my years of gardening had anything eating my tomatoes. This year I’ve had at least two kinds of worms eating the tomatoes while they are still green. I’ve had to pick green ones to rescue my groceries from the worms.

I wonder if the wasps would normally take care of the worms?