I have a cat who has ringworm. Fun. So he sheds spores (it’s a fungus) constantly and I clean the house every day. And you know what? If you have to dust your stuff every single day it becomes junk. I am also sweeping and mopping. Every day. (Well, technically, 5-7 days per week….that’s about all my body will hold up to.) And the more I have to sweep and mop around stuff the more I want to get rid of. So, I am. And THAT has me jazzed!

I am also going through cabinets and other storage and guess what? Of course….I’m getting rid of more stuff. I figure if one day God lets me move to West Texas and I don’t want to tote something clear across Texas then I don’t really want it. I am really really having fun with this. At the end of each day I have gathered up stuff that I will have cleaned for the last time and I am thinking of more that I will get rid of the next day! And I’m not a shopper….I have no idea how on earth I accumulated all this stuff. Shoot, I’d rather hike a trail any day than go anywhere near a store!

When Henry David Thoreau lived in the cabin on Walden Pond he said he could get up early in the morning, carry out all the furniture (a bed, a chair, a small table and a chest, if I remember correctly), sweep out his house, carry sand and water from the pond and scrub the floor, rinse it, let it dry and bring his stuff back in and be done with the day’s work by the time the rest of the world was just getting started. I wish I could have known him.

I have been thinking the past few weeks of what I might want to keep if I only lived in one room and had one other room as a studio with art and craft and sewing supplies. I’ve enjoyed reading what different people do to motivate themselves. Yesterday I read about a fellow, Dave Bruno, who has been working on this challenge he gave himself. He wants to get down to only owning 100 things. He calls it the 100 Thing Challenge and he blogs about it. Someone who commented on Dave’s blog said he puts a plastic storage box in the middle of the room and puts stuff from the room into the box. When he’s done he puts the top on and sticks it in his closet for two months. During this time he is adding things from the whole house to the box. Then after two months he goes and opens it up and takes out 1/2 the stuff and gets rid of it.

I heard someone on TV either this morning or yesterday morning say that Americans always want to get out of the house on holidays but with gas prices being what they are more people are staying home. I thought about what one of the declutter gurus said about people buying stuff because they are trying to buy an emotion and create an atmosphere in their homes and it ends up being clutter. So, Americans fill the house with stuff and then run out the door on holidays? Are we nuts?

Thoreau said if someone was walking down the street carrying all he owned in a pack on his back people would say they felt sorry for him because that was all he owned. He said he felt sorry for the guy because he owned ALL THAT. If he had to dust it every day I feel sorry for him, too.

Addendum, 2009: The cat did NOT have ringworm. It was a misdiagnosis. He was sensitive to fleas. I had a ‘crazy clean’ house though.